About This Blog

There is nothing more fascinating than the US legal system. However, it sometimes turns to be a little complicated to understand for those with no relevant background.  And so this is the main reason why I decided to establish US RECORDS: To provide readers with basic knowledge of US law and other related topics.

Much emphasis will be given to the aspect of a criminal background check. In the United States, the Freedom of Information Act allows anyone to get access to governmental files, some of which cover criminal histories. Being able to examine a person’s past is sometimes a must and therefore this website explains how to do it.

Other topics will be discussed as well – in particular issues that deal with law enforcement. I truly hope, readers will benefit from this blog’s content and become more familiar with all the issues it presents

My name is Daniel Rogers. I have a B.A. in American history and an M.A. in political science. During my years in college and university, I took plenty of courses on law and criminology, so I am quite familiar (and even I daresay adept) with the topics you will read here.