FL Arrest Records

Utilizing the FDLE to Find FL Arrest Records and Outstanding Warrants

If you find yourself needing to examine a person’s criminal history in Florida, you’re in luck. The FDLA’s website has many resources to help you find FL arrest records and outstanding warrants.

Initiating a warrant search

If you’re looking for Florida warrants, you’ll first need to go to the website run by the FDLE (Florida Department of Law Enforcement) . On the website, you’ll see the option to access the Public Access system. From there, you’ll click the “Wanted Person” tab on the list of options (which appears on the left bar).

To start your search, just click the subject’s name and you will get an online report with plenty of details, such as a mugshot (in some of the files), the fugitive’s personal details, warrant # and date, description of offenses and reporting agency.

Using the sheriff office

To confirm outstanding warrants for sure, you will have to speak with the local sheriff’s office or official reporting agency. It will need to be the county office where the warrant was issued. Some will confirm over the phone or through email, others will require you to come in person.

Inquiring about Florida arrest records

Some More Prison CellsTo search for arrest records in Florida, you can also use the FDLE’s website. You will need to visit the Criminal History Information section of the website. This service will be $24.00 per person.

Receiving a certified copy

As far as the arrest records go, the FDLE online database does not give certified copies. To receive a certified copy, you will have to mail the request to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement in Tallahassee. You’ll have to send the $24.00 check or money order for the service with your written request. It usually takes about five business days to complete the request, not counting delivery times.

Further resources:

The Florida Sheriff Association will provide you contact details of all of the sheriff offices in the state.

Neighborhood Scout provides information on crime rate in Florida.

flarrestscheck.org – Inquiring about a person’s prior criminal activity in the State of Florida